Because each piece is thrown by hand and no two pieces are completely identical, we consider certain measurements when pricing our pottery.

All Standardized Designs are sold as close as possible to the specified measurements in the descriptions. It is rarely possible to match these 100% accurately. We ere on the side of selling you a larger piece than advertised. If you have specific size requirements check out the singles as they have exact measurements. You can also mention measurement preferences in the special instructions box at checkout and we will do our best to fulfill your request. 

We use two main measuring methods:

    • Volume: This is measured by filling a bowl or mug with water until completely full and then measuring that water, in ounces, to find the volume of the piece.
    • Dimension: This is the height and width of a piece in inches. We measure the exterior size/dimensions not the interior of the pottery. We round to the nearest 1/4 inch. 

Another aspect of handmade pottery to consider is weight:

  • Weight: This is how heavy the pottery feels. The weight of a piece varies based on the thickness of its base and walls. There are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to different weights. Weight is a personal preference and no option is objectively better or worse, so we don't measure weight when determining price. Lighter pieces feel more delicate and fancy, but have the draw back of being more, well, delicate. Medium weight pieces are a balance of durable and elegant. Most Abraham McBride Pottery is in the medium weight category. Heavy weight pieces feel very solid and are extra durable. Heavier pottery has thicker walls and can handle heat better than thinner pottery. However, some people find heavier pottery feels clunky and amateur; it can also be difficult to lift into and out of cupboards. All Abraham McBride Pottery is made with very high standards and doesn't have much variation in weight. If you have a preference please mention it in the Special Instructions box during checkout and we will do our best to match your request!