Our Mission

Transforming the world with an abundance of beauty.


Creativity and experimentation are like breathing to me. I put tremendous love into my art, and I am so happy there are people who love and treasure my art as much as me. My life is greatly enriched by the creative and beautiful process that has become Abraham McBride Pottery. My drive to create art is, first and foremost, to enrich life with an abundance of beauty. I sell art to sustain this creative process and bring abundance to my life! I give away my art to counteract our society’s deep seated feelings of scarcity. The amount of handmade ceramics I can make and sell is very limited, but I don’t want to encourage or add to the feelings of “desperation” and “lack” so prevalent in our consumer society! Gifting allows my art to remain accessible when cost would be a barrier, allowing anyone to be excited about and appreciate my art. Finally, gifting is a wonderful avenue for spreading my art and mission to as many people as possible. Thank you for joining in this transformative mission! 


A great longing is upon us, to live again in a world made of gifts. I can scent it coming, like the fragrance of ripening strawberries rising on the breeze.  Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass